Android App Permissions

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.


When you install Namaste on your Android phone, you are shown a list of permissions that the app requests (see image). The descriptions of these permissions are created by Google and are worded the same for every app — currently, there is no way for Namaste to customize them. So, to make sure you understand what features we access and what data we actually collect, we have provided a more detailed breakdown and discussion of the permissions below. Click on any of the permissions and you will be linked to Google official documentation for that permission.


Find accounts on the device

Add or remove accounts

Read your own contact card

These permissions allow Namaste to pre-populate your email address and phone number from your contact card during registration. Your email address is sent to Mela’s servers so that your receipts can be emailed to you and we can send you your business related data on you mail.


Read your contacts

We use the permission to find the retailers who you know who are in our platform so that you can seamlessly connect and trade with them. If you allow us to get the contacts Namaste will sync your contact once to our servers and check your contacts who are using our platform and notify it to you. Namaste will not use that information to contact your friends without your consent.


Approximate location (network-based)

Precise location (GPS- and network-based)

The app does not store your location to persistent memory on the device, but may cache recent locations on the device. The app does collect and send approximate and precise location data to Namaste servers to get approximate delivery locations for your orders with us. We also use the location data to give you the list of nearby users who are using our platform so that you can interact with them. In addition to GPS, we may use other methods to determine precise location if Location Services are enabled, including wifi signals.


Receive text messages (SMS)

Send SMS messages (SMS)

Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)

When you sign up for Namaste, we send a 6-digit verification code, via SMS, to the mobile number that you provided. The “Receive SMS” permission allows the app to look for that incoming SMS message and automatically verify that we have your correct mobile number. The window of time during which the app looks for that incoming SMS is limited to 2 minutes. directly calls phone numbers The app requests access to make phone calls so that you can call the customer care center of Namaste seamlessly


Read the contents of your USB storage

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

The temporary media data is stored on external devices while you upload it on Namaste Chat and while verifying your store with Namaste.


Take pictures and videos

We need access to the camera feature to let you use your phone camera to let you send photos and videos to other users on chat.


Read phone status and identity

This permission is used in conjunction with your own contact information to pre-populate your mobile number and country during registration. You can edit these fields, and the updated values are sent to Namaste once your account is created. This permission is also used to obtain your Android device ID, which is sent to Namaste servers and used in fraud prevention efforts


User accounts on the device

This permission generates Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) tokens associated with a user account. As with all GCM implementations, the token is sent to Mela’s servers so that notifications can be sent to you.

Full network access

This permission is required to access the internet, including communicating with Mela’s servers, connecting with third-party services, and downloading map data.

Control vibration

This permission allows the Namaste app to vibrate your phone when something important happens, e.g. when you receive a notification that your driver has arrived.

Prevent device from sleeping

This permission wakes your phone up when a notification is received.

User network connections

This permission is used by Namaste to notify you when a network connection is unavailable.


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